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Available for Adult, Pediatric, and Infant & Neonatal Patients

  • May be useful in instances where pulse oximetry alone may not be a reliable indicator of the amount of oxygen in the brain for doctors to monitor cerebral oxygenation.
  • For a more comprehensive brain monitoring solution, it interacts with SedLine® Brain Function Monitoring (available for both adult and paediatric patients) on the Root platform.

The Root patient monitoring and connectivity hub offers plug-and-play monitoring with Masimo Open Connect® (MOC-9®) modules.*

Apply the O3 sensor to the forehead or somatic site.

  • Adult Adhesive Sensor (≥40 kg)
  • Pediatric Adhesive Sensor (≥5 kg and <40 kg)
  • Infant and Neonatal Adhesive Sensor (<10 kg)

Connect the O3 sensors to an O3 MOC-9 module (up to two sensors per module).

Connect the O3 MOC-9 module to one of three Root MOC-9 Po

For a more comprehensive view of the brain, O3 Regional Oximetry can be utilised in conjunction with Next Generation SedLine on the Root platform. With the bilateral capture and processing of four leads of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, Next Generation SedLine brain function monitoring aids doctors in monitoring the condition of the brain while it is under anaesthesia or sedation. The increased Multitaper Density Spectral Array and improved signal processing engine of Next Generation SedLine enable numerous performance enhancements. (DSA).

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