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Handheld Portable X-Ray is designed to provide at most user –convince and safety while offering high quality images.

Light weight Handheld Portable Digital X-Ray system for easy carriage to ICU / Wards / Ambulance / Field


Light weight – only 1.8 kg

Focal spot

Guide beam

Lowest radiation- 2 mA current

Long lasting battery

IP41: Water Resistance & Dustproof

Magnesium & Carbon- fiber Body

Simple stand controls upward and downward movement of the detector

Laptop computer includes Console Software for image acquisition

Optional AI software assists diagnosis of diseases using simple Xray images and clinical information. This system is based on hybrid artificial neutral network technology or lesion detection and disease classification. It also provides AI analyzed probability of having a given disease. It assists physicians to diagnose diseases based on the image.

The software can help calculate the bone age and detects bone fracture. It has a capability to predict precocious puberty, the growth rate and adult height by analyzing the bone age in children. The bone age Assessment Solution supports precocious puberty or growth disorder diagnosis by measuring the bone age, margin of error being 8 months.

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